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The Restaurant at Cheese Sample Menu

*As of the week commencing 23rd May 2016

Open Monday to Friday ¬†12 ‚Äď 3pm


 Starters/Small Plates

Gordal olives £4.50

Salted Almonds £4.00

Scotch egg, piccalilli £7.50

11419015_419446674902521_1787245142_nTrombetta courgette, bottarga £6.5013099050_1021938841174623_96704032_n

Chicory, Bleu de Causses, walnuts £7.50

Radish, butter and salt £5.50

       Boquerones, deep fried artichoke, walnut anchoiade £9.50

Asparagus, goat’s curd, herb salad ¬£8.50

11352314_389266651268521_1573037533_nBurratina, Bull’s heart tomatoes, olive¬†¬£8.5012224559_147183512303666_1402764760_n

Charcuterie plates 

Duck rillettes £7.50

Salami Toscano £7.50

Capocollo £7.50

11311389_1481335198837502_1721258042_nParma ham £1013248937_1172291549482115_163982725_n

Pork terrine £6.50

Pork pie £6

Charcuterie board £14

Plat du jour

1172918_1107463509275103_921941035_nLamb Ragout, Penne, Pecorino £12.5011376214_390586407797049_1998912180_n

Pork Chop, Jersey Royals, Peas and Lettuce £17.50

Cod with Mussels, Mushrooms and Asparagus £16.00

Café Cheese Classics

Croque Monsieur  £9.50/Croque Madame £10.00 

12552299_559190590916034_398156087_nReuben Sandwich £10.00925953_1459116004382549_1645259431_n

Five Artisan Cheeses, Chutney, Bread £14.00

Cheese and Charcuterie mixed platter £16.00

Desserts £5.50

Strawberry Sundae £6.50

Tart a la Creme £6.50

Pastel de Nata with Coffee £6.50

A selection of teas or coffee £2.50

Chef – Simon Barnett


Afternoon & Evening Menu

Cheese at Leadenhall Bar Menu

Served 3pm ‚Äď 8pm

Gordal olives £4.50

Valencia almonds £4.00

Guindilla peppers £4.00

Pork pie with mustard £6.00

Duck rillettes, bread & cornichons £7.50

Pork terrine, bread & cornichons £7.50

Boquerones £8.00

Charcuterie platter £14.00

Cheese platter £14.00

Cheese and charcuterie platter£16.00

Whole baked Camembert & bread £10.00

(Please allow 15-20 minutes)


Cheddar and pickle £6.00

Cheddar, ham and mustard £6.50

Truffle brie £9.50

Cheese at Leadenhall Wine List

Summer 2016









Please note that although some of the pictures you may see on this page will be of current dishes from our kitchen, there are a few that are of past dishes that are not currently available on our menu.






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