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The Restaurant at Cheese Sample Menu

*As of the week commencing 23rd May 2016

Open Monday to Friday ¬†12 ‚Äď 3pm


Starters/Small Plates

Gordal olives £4.50

Salted Almonds £4.00

Scotch egg, piccalilli £7.50

Trombetta courgette, bottarga £6.50

Chicory, Bleu de Causses, walnuts £7.50

Radish, butter and salt £5.50

Boquerones, deep fried artichoke, walnut anchoiade £9.50

Asparagus, goat’s curd, herb salad ¬£8.50

Burratina, Bull’s heart tomatoes, olive¬†¬£8.50


Charcuterie plates 

Duck rillettes £7.50

Salami Toscano £7.50

Capocollo £7.50

Parma ham £10

Pork terrine £6.50

Pork pie £6

Charcuterie board £14

Plat du jour

Lamb Ragout, Penne, Pecorino £12.50

Pork Chop, Jersey Royals, Peas and Lettuce £17.50

Cod with Mussels, Mushrooms and Asparagus £16.00

Café Cheese Classics

Croque Monsieur  £9.50/Croque Madame £10.00 

Reuben Sandwich £10.00

Five Artisan Cheeses, Chutney, Bread £14.00

Cheese and Charcuterie mixed platter £16.00

Desserts £5.50

Strawberry Sundae £6.50

Tart a la Creme £6.50

Pastel de Nata with Coffee £6.50

A selection of teas or coffee £2.50

Chef – Simon Barnett


Afternoon & Evening Menu

Cheese at Leadenhall Bar Menu

Served 3pm ‚Äď 8pm

Gordal olives £4.50

Valencia almonds £4.00

Guindilla peppers £4.00

Pork pie with mustard £6.00

Duck rillettes, bread & cornichons £7.50

Pork terrine, bread & cornichons £7.50

Boquerones £8.00

Charcuterie platter £14.00

Cheese platter £14.00

Cheese and charcuterie platter£16.00

Whole baked Camembert & bread £10.00

(Please allow 15-20 minutes)


Cheddar and pickle £6.00

Cheddar, ham and mustard £6.50

Truffle brie £9.50

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