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Sample Menu

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Lunch Served

Monday to Friday  

12nn – 3pm


Gordal olives £4.50

Olive oil and bread £4.00

Salted almonds £4.00

11352314_389266651268521_1573037533_nSardines on toast £7.0012224559_147183512303666_1402764760_n

Roast tropea onion, fresh cheese £6.00


Scotch egg, Piccalilli £7.50

Truffled egg, girolles, artichoke £9.00

Tomato, peach, Burrata £9.00

Tuna tartare, sour peppers, borlotti beans £7.50

Bresaola, rocket, Parmesan £7.50

Chaperones £7.00


11311389_1481335198837502_1721258042_nPork terrine, cornichons £7.5013248937_1172291549482115_163982725_n

Prosciutto, Pio Tosini 24 months matured £16.00

Duck rillette, cornichons £7.50

Plat du Jour

Tuna, peas, broad beans, tomato  £18.00

Short rib of beef, potato gratin  £18.00

Cheese Classics


1172918_1107463509275103_921941035_n    Croque Monsieur £9.50

Croque Madame £10.00 

Cheese plate £14.00

    Charcuterie plate £14.00

    Cheese and Charcuterie plate £16.00


Roast apricots, Prosecco zabaglione, milk chocolate crumb £6.50

A selection of teas or coffee £2.50

Chef – Simon Barnett

Afternoon & Evening Menu

Cheese at Leadenhall Bar Menu

Served 3pm – 8pm

12552299_559190590916034_398156087_nGordal olives £4.50925953_1459116004382549_1645259431_n

Valencia almonds £4.00

Duck rillettes, bread & cornichons £7.50

Pork terrine, bread & cornichons £7.50

Charcuterie plate £14.00

Cheese plate £14.00

Cheese and Charcuterie plate £16.00


Please note that although some of the pictures you may see on this page will be of current dishes from our kitchen, there are a few that are of past dishes that are not currently available on our menu.





Cheese News

Cheese at Leadenhall
4-5 Leadenhall Market
City of London

Opening Hours:-
Monday 9am-8pm
Tuesday 9am-8pm
Wednesday 9am-8pm
Thursday 9am-8pm
Friday 9am-8pm
Closed Weekends & Bank Holidays

Booking a Tasting?
Tasting slots are available Monday-Friday between 3pm-6pm. Please contact us to confirm.

Ph: 020 7929 1697

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