Although we endeavour to update these lunch & evening menus as often as we can, The Restaurant dishes being seasonally inspired, tend to change slightly on a daily basis. The Terrace dishes are served through to 8pm & can be the basis of a corporate event menu.

The Restaurant Menu – serving 12nn – 3pm

14 October 2019

Gordal olives £4.50
Olive oil and bread £4.00
Salted almonds £4.50

Small Plates
Padron peppers £5.50
Scotch egg, Piccalilli  £8.00
Ortiz anchovies, toast and shallots £15.00
Roast red pepper, tomato and kidney bean soup £6.00
Korean fried chicken, kimchi and coriander £8.75
Jerusalem artichoke, bacon chutney and Sparkenhoe Red Leicester £7.50
Prosciutto, Pio Tosini 24 months matured  £16.00

Plat du Jour
Minute steak, Boulangere root vegetables and watercress £18.50
Tartiflette with baby gem and mustard £12.75

Cheese Classics
Croque Monsieur £11.00
Croque Madame  £11.50
Baked Camembert £12.00
Swiss Cheese Fondue, minimum two people £16.00 per person
(All Cheese Classics are cooked to order, please allow 10-15 minutes)

Cheese and Charcuterie
A selection of five cheeses £16.00
Charcuterie plate – Prosciutto, lomo, coppa, toscano  £16.00
Cheese and Charcuterie mixed plate  £19.50
Demi platter of cheese or charcuterie  £10.00
We serve a bowl of bread with the platters, extra bread will be charged at £2.50 per bowl.

Olive oil cake and chocolate mousse £6.00

A selection of teas and coffee £2.75

The Terrace Menu – serving 3pm-8pm

Gordal olives £4.50
Olive oil and bread £4.00
Valencia almonds £4.50
Padron peppers £5.50
Ortiz anchovies, toast £12.00
Charcuterie plate, bread and pickles £16.00
Cheese platter, bread and chutney £16.00
Cheese and Charcuterie plate, bread, chutney and pickles £19.50
Prosciutto, 24 months mature £16.00
Chorizo sausages £8.00
Baked Camembert, cranberry sauce  £12.00

Prices are inclusive of VAT.  A discretionary 12.5% service charge will be added to your bill, please inform us if you would like this to be removed.

Food allergies and intolerances – before ordering, please speak to our staff about your requirements.