A specialist Cheesemongers with an exquisite range of over a hundred British and European cheeses, from small artisan producers; many made with unpasteurised milk and allowed to mature…. for us, flavour is key.




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Below is just a few of the cheeses we stock: –

Cheddars – Godminster, Snowdonia (Black Bombers), Quicke’s, Montgomery and Cheddar Gorge Cheese Co.

Blues – Colston Bassett and Cropwell Bishop Stilton, Barkham Blue, Bath Blue, Isle of Wight Blue, Bleu de Causses, Montagnolo, Roquefort, and lots more.


Shorrock’s Lancashire Bombs, plain &   flavoured



Soft Cheeses – Brie, Waterloo, Wigmore, Tunworth, Stinking Bishop, Delice de Bourgogne and more.


A delicious range of indulgent, Truffle  Cheeses, such as Brie with Truffle, Double Truffle Delice de Bourgogne, Peccorino with Truffle, and Gouda with Truffle.


A wide variety of goat’s and ewe’s milk cheeses from accross Europe.

All of the French classics – Comte, Morbier, Beaufort, Tomme de Savoie, Epoisses, Reblochon, Raclette and many more!

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Cheese at Leadenhall
4-5 Leadenhall Market
City of London

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Opening Hours:-

Mon,  10am-5pm
Tues    9am-8pm
Weds   9am-8pm
Thurs   9am-8pm
Fri       9am-8pm

Closed Weekends & Bank Holidays

Booking a Tasting :- please contact us by Ph: 020 7929 1697 or email: Contact Cheese

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