The Sidcup Locals Selection


If you need a cheese board locally sourced from in & around Sidcup.

Enough for a party of 4-6 people.
Minimum weight 850g.

FREE DELIVERY within Sidcup



A selection of our most local products

A Piece of Ashcombe (inspired by Morbier) and a whole mini Rollright (inspired by Vacherin Mont d’Or) both made by King Stone Dairy in Chedworth, Gloucestershire – 34 miles from our door.

Brightwell Ash – a whole young lactic raw goat’s milk cheese with an ashed rind.  Made by Fraser Norton & Rachel Yarrow on the Earth Trust near Dorchester – 12 miles away.

Buckland Honey – raw honey produced from four hives in Buckland (Upper Thames) by Dr Marjorie Talbot – travels only 17 miles to reach us.

Minimum weight of cheese 700g.
Honey: 450g Jar


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