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Cheese List



  Cow's milk


Barkham Blue

Cow's milk, pasteurised, vegetarian

A whole Barkham Blue weighs 1.070kg, which will happily feed a party of twenty.

Located in the village of Barkham, near Wokingham, Two Hoots Dairy is a small family business producing award winning handmade cheese. It has a very distinctive appearance, shaped like the sea creature ammonite, and is covered in an attractive rustic rind. It has a rich blue taste, smooth buttery texture with definite melt-in-the-mouth appeal.


Isle of Wight Blue

Cow's milk, pasteurised

Each Isle of Wight blue weighs 200

Award-winning Isle of Wight blue is a naturally rinded soft blue cheese that is made with Guernsey cows milk. It is blue veined and sold when it's 3-5 weeks old. At the first stage it has a relatively mild blue flavour but it accelerates quickly, so by the time it's coming to the end its cheese life, the flavour is a lot spikier. It has bags of character and looks stunning on even the smartest cheeseboard.


Lincolnshire Poacher

Cow's milk, unpasteurised

Perfect for picnics or Ploughman's, this beautifully matured cheese comes from the Lincolnshire Wolds. It has been described as being close to continental hard mountain cheeses (such as Comté) and traditional West Country cheddar. Deliciousness in every bite.


Quickes Mature

Cow's milk, pasteurised

The Quicke family of Devon has been in farming for over 450 years. In the seventies, they revived the old-fashioned methods of cheese-making and now enjoy world recognition for their produce. Their cheese is matured slowly on wooden shelves and wrapped in muslin cloth,which helps give a real depth and complexity of flavour. The old fashioned rind that develops using this method is the hallmark of a well-matured traditional cheddar.


Sparkenhoe Red Leicester

Cow's milk, unpasteurised

Sparkenhoe Red Leicester is made from an old recipe discovered by the Leicestershire Handmade Cheese Company and is the only Leicester to actually be made in Leicestershire. The rich orange appearance is produced by annatto, a natural dye. The flavour has as much impact as its striking colour, delivering a satisfying nuttiness.



Cow's milk, pasteurised

A whole Stilton weighs 7.5kg

No collection of top British cheeses would be complete without Stilton. So revered that it's protected by trademark, it's also been registered as a Product of Designated Origin (PDO) in the European Community. Colston Bassett, one of the few dairies allowed to make Stilton, produce a full-flavoured blue which, although showing plenty of backbone, is never overpowering. A classy cheese.

  Goat's milk


Bosworth Leaf

Goat's milk, unpasteurised

Each Bosworth Leaf weighs 200g

Young and fresh, this appealing, dinner-party-perfect goats cheese comes wrapped in a chestnut leaf. It has a delicious lemony, citrus flavour. Made by the award-winning Innes Cheese in Staffordshire, this is a goats cheese of distinction.


Golden Cross

Goat's milk, unpasteurised, vegetarian

Each Golden Cross weighs 225g

Soft and handmade, each goat log is lightly charcoaled and becomes denser, creamier and fuller in flavour as it matures. A favourite with top London chefs, this versatile goats cheese works perfectly in salads or warm dishes.



  Cow's milk


Bleu des Causses

Cow's milk, unpasteurised

A whole Bleu des Causses is approximately 2.74kg.

A close cousin to Roquefort, Bleu des Causses is matured in natural caves of the Gorges du Tarn in Languedoc-Roussillon. These caves are ventilated by fleurines, which are natural chimneys formed in the cliffs. It is these fleurines that allow the cheese to blossom and take on the aroma of the region. The taste is soft and savoury. In the winter months the taste is more pronounced. Bleu des Causses has a salty bite, yet is more creamy than Roquefort.

Try it with figs and a dessert wine such as Sauternes or Mulderbosch Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc.



Cow's milk, unpasteurised

Comté is one of France's most adored cheeses and is fast gaining a following here in Britain. 20,000 tonnes of it are produced each year, which shows just how in demand a cheese it is. This Comté is 22 months old, which we believe is in peak condition. The taste is nutty, fruity, rich and intensely satisfying. If you haven't tried it before, then now's the time. Try it in chunks with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.



Cow's milk, unpasteurised

Morbier is named after the small village of Morbier in Franche-Comté. It is ivory colored, soft and slightly elastic, and is distinctive due to its shape and by the black layer of ash in the middle. Traditionally, the cheese consists of a layer of morning milk and a layer of evening milk. When making Comté, cheesemakers would have leftover curd that was not enough for an entire cheese. Thus, they would press the remaining evening curd into a mold, and spread ash over it to protect it. The aroma of Morbier is strong, but the flavour is medium strength and creamy.


Petit Livarot

 Cow's, unpasteurised

Each Petit Livarot weighs 250g

This gourmet cheese is very pungent and therefore not for the faint-hearted. It’s a glossy orange-brown washed rind which can become very dark and rustic looking. The taste is strong and salty, with a lemony tang. One to match with a robust red.


Pont L'eveque

Cow's milk, unpasteurised

Each Pont L'Eveque weighs 360g

A classic cheese from Normandy, Pont L'Eveque is a close relation of Camembert. The flavour is slightly less intense, which makes it a cheese to please many palates. Best eaten with a French stick and a cool glass of cider.

  Goat's milk


Sainte Maure

Goats milk, unpasteurised

Each Sainte Maure weighs 250g

Sainte Maure de Touraine is from the Loire. This cheese is easily identified because it has a long straw through its middle to help keep the delicate cheese in place. The ash coating provides a wonderful contrast to the cheese's pure white interior. Sainte Maure has a lovely citrus flavour which intensifies with age. It can also become rather nutty. An elegant goats cheese for supper a deux - try it with Sauvignon Blanc.

  Sheep's milk


Ossau Iraty

Sheep's milk, unpasteurised

A whole Ossau Iraty is 4.4kg

Ossau-Iraty is produced in the Northern Basque Country in France. It is one of only two sheep's milk cheeses granted AOC appellation d'origine contrôllée status. It is of ancient origin, traditionally made by the shepherds in the region.

It's light in colour yet has great depth of flavour. This is a creamy, nutty, complex cheese with salt crystals and a rich, velvety finish. It simply has to be experienced.

Works beautifully with rose or a Alsatian wine such as Pinot Gris.



  Cow's milk


Picos Blue

A blend of cow's milk and goat's milk, pasteurised

A whole Picos Blue weighs 2.6kg

A stunning blue from the mountains Picos de Europa in the north of Spain, this is a smooth, creamy cheese with a tang. Wrapped in maple leaves its sufficiently full flavoured to let you know it’s there, without dominating the cheeseboard. Best served with some membrillo and either a sticky dessert wine or a punchy red.

  Goat's milk


Monte Enebro

  Goat's milk, unpasteurised

A whole Monte Enebro weighs approximately 1.050kg.

What started out as a small retirement project has now become one of the most celebrated goats cheeses in Spain. Handmade in Avila, by Rafael Baez and his daughter, this unusual fresh cheese has complexity and a distinctive appearance owing to being treated with the same mould as Roquefort. When young it is creamy, lemony and slightly acidic; as it ages, Monte Enebro’s texture becomes denser and the flavour takes on a more intense, pungent finish.

This award-winning cheese has proven to be a versatile pairing partner for many wines including Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc or ice wine, and is a wonderful dessert served warm with honey.

NB: Monte Enebro is a seasonal product, so from time to time it is unavailable.

  Sheep's milk



Sheep's milk, unpasteurised


Manchego is Spain’s most revered cheese. Like its famous Serrano ham, Manchego is protected by the country's DO (Denominacion de Origen) and is made exclusively from the milk of Manchega sheep in La Mancha. It’s a hard cheese with a rich, nutty flavour. It’s perfect for dining tapas-style or for a beach picnic.

It's a versatile cheese and works well with many different wines, but has a particular affinity with Riojas.



  Cow's milk



Cow's milk, unpasteurised

This cheese is from the Appenzell region of northeast Switzerland. A traditional cheese with at least 700 years history, most dairies have their own secret recipe for producing it. The cheese is straw-colored, with tiny holes and a golden rind. It has a powerful aroma and a nutty, fruity flavour.

It's a wonderful cheese to take on a hike and enjoy with a flask of beer or cider!


Cow's milk, unpasteurised

This is a bit of a Cheese insitution, as in the winter months we have our raclette machine on to make ski-slope-perfect raclette sandwiches. However, this cheese is not just for the winter as you can use it in many ways – melted and served with good bread, ham, tomatoes, cornichons and salad, or taken on a camping trip and left to warm near the fire. Always eaten melted, this cheese delivers its unique, mountain flavour in abundance.

Tete de Moine

 Cow's milk, unpasteurised

This cheese was created by the monks of Belleray Abbey in Bernese Jura, France. They used to teach local farmers how to make it. The name translates as “monk’s head” and there is a unique knack to shaving this cheese into frilly curls – in fact, it’s got it’s own apparatus, a Girolle machine. If you don’t happen to have one of these at home, then use a normal cheese curler. Cutting the cheese in this way improves the flavour as it reacts to the open air.

The flavour is sweet, tangy and well-developed, with a heady woody aroma. Beautiful served with cured meats. The ideal wine for this would either be a Rhone red, or perhaps an aromatic wine such as Riesling or Viognier.



  Cow's milk


Mature Gouda

Cow's milk, unpasteurised

This should carry a warning as it's seriously addictive stuff. Customers can't seem to get enough of its dense fudginess and we can fully understand. This is a cheese which 100% delivers on flavour and texture. Order at your own risk!